If you can see the waiter’s muscles as he sets down your big plate, imagine how all of the food is going to affect your own hips and waistline. I remember one night at an Italian restaurant. We ate salad and breadsticks, and were probably already over a normal day’s calorie limit. Then we got these huge servings of pasta. It all tasted great, but really could have fed four people.

I am overweight because I eat too much. T ‘ain’t my metabolism or my sluggish thyroid. The nasty fat fairy didn’t cast a spell on me while I slept. Pure and simple, I eat too much. The great power of recognizing my responsibility in a problem is the realization that I have the power to change or fix it.

We did not start the trend of serving huge plates that are stuffed full of food. But even though we cannot be blamed, we must act.

Portion Size Matters!

Plates have also expanded, along with our bellies. The size of a dinner plate has grown in the last few decades.

Restaurants serve huge portions too. I know a group of women that always split meals, order off of the child’s menu, or divide portions into a to-go box.

Make sure you know how large a portion should be.

You should be able to close your hand around a small baked potato.

Pancakes should be about the size of the ones that come inside the toaster pancake boxes, and not the size of a dinner plate.

a medium bagel is about the size of a hockey puck.

Small muffins should be about the size of a baseball.

An ounce of cheese is not very large, but that is a serving.

A suggestion meat portion should fit in the palm of your hand.

Your rice serving should fit in a cupcake cup.

A vegetable of fruit serving should be the size of a baseball.

4. Decide: One diet doesn’t fit all. Eating more protein may work well for some people while eating more fiber may be best someone else. We need to try a variety of eating styles to find one that best suits our individual needs and lifestyles. Because I work from home, I like to eat many small balanced snacks ( 100-200 calories) every few hours throughout the day. Take time to research an eating program that works best for you.

5. Positive Choices: We eat too much sugar, salt, unhealthy fat, and processed foods. We need to read labels and choose foods with ingredients we recognize (and can pronounce). Whole grains, organic food, natural ingredients are better for us and better to us.

You can try to eat healthier, and then you will probably feel better and happier.

It can be simple to figure out why you have gained too much weight.

17 day diet

Portion Distortion – Take some simple steps to eat better. You can lose weight with some simple weight loss tips!

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